Tektronix terminal available

From: Mike Newman <mike_at_delos.rain.com>
Date: Wed Jul 12 04:23:40 2000

I looked but didn't see a model number in any obvious place. I bought it a
long time ago because I was fascinated by the Tektronix displays used in
the "Battlestar Galactica" TV show. Unfortunately I never got my hands on
the documentation for the graphics display commands. I would have loved to
get copies of the programs they used for the show (even now that might
persuade me to keep this terminal).

The terminal itself isn't very large, but it does have an integrated floor
stand and is rather heavy (shipping might not be very practical). I live
in the Portland Oregon area; if you're within reasonable driving distance.

I wasn't planning to ask for money, but I do have a wish list that
includes a Kaypro, Osborne, Zorba, or some other interesting portable CP/M
computer. If you're interested, feel free to contact me (even if you don't
have anything to trade). I'm trying to free up some space to make my wife
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