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From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jul 12 15:40:33 2000

--- Mike Cruse <mcruse_at_acm.org> wrote:
> Anybody else out there with an 8/i?
> Mike

I've had an -8/i since high school. I rescued it from a public school
locally (I already had an -8/L, so I knew what I was looking at). Mine
came with 4K, a DF-32 master and two slave disks. I have no expectations
that the media are any good at this point, but the last time I fired it
up, the controller was working enough that I could read the status register
and watch the rotation sensor on the console via a tiny toggle-in program
I wrote to check it (I had to rebuild the rotation sensor on one drive
because it caught fire in the housing!)

There are some docs on Highgate and you might be able to find the DEC 1970
Small Computer Handbook for the basics. If you care to try out any papertape
or DECtape programming systems, you'll want the Programming Handbooks. There's
good info in those on how to load and start FOCAL, etc.

Have fun with it; I wish I had reasonable peripherals on mine. The best I
can do is move my PC8 to it and load paper tapes faster. I have a TD8E and
a TU56, but nothing for an older machine. I suppose I could always wrap
one up - I do have enough spare parts, just not enough spare time.


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