Z80 Starter kit plus ...

From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
Date: Wed Jul 12 20:26:20 2000

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> --- Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net> wrote:
> > I have a Z80 starter kit... which I've torn apart and reassembled.
> Just to clean it?
> > This one is rather nice in that it came with a power supply, connectors
> > and a wire wrapped section already added.
> Fancy. I picked one up at a junk store in L.A. a couple of years ago for $10.
> It just had wires dangling from the end that originally went to some PSU
> somewhere.
> I was especially interested in this because it had a built-in EPROM programmer
> and a couple of S-100 slots (unpopulated in mine, and needing +8V unreg)
> If I still had any S-100 boards, I'd have probably done more with it by now
> (I gave away all my S-100 goodies to a friend a number of years ago - all
> 68000-based, lots of serial ports from a project from work)
> Do you have any plans for your Starter Kit?

So far I plan to at least get it to do something with the display. I work
in a lab at a major company and most of the tech folks have no idea that
almost everything that they use today was based on yesterday's technology.
So I plan to set it up as working art work. I have a Small C compiler for
it. I may do more with it. So far I've made sure that I have the correct
source code for the ROMs (backup of course) and that they compile properly.
I've also commented the source as much as possible.

I've been looking for some S100 boards and so far the only ones I've
found are from Digikey (prototype, expensive). I'm also working with a
Rabbit 2000 development kit which is Z80 based. So I may use the Z80SK
for experiments. The EM-180B make it unnecessary to burn EPROMs as it
can d/l the code into RAM and run it as if it was ROM.

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