"Vintage" IC's: this is outta control

From: CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com <(CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com)>
Date: Wed Jul 12 21:38:12 2000

I was looking for a source for some Fairchild uL914's (DTL NOR gate)
and came across this:

  The Fairchild UL914; DUAL NOR GATE was the ONLY MEMORY and REGISTER
  UNIT used in the ENTIRE construction of the ON-BOARD Navigational Computer.
  Redundancy and Failure Rates of a NEW Integrated Circuit family (RTL)
  dictated the SAFEST possible Design for such an Incredible Mission.
  Round 8pin EPOXY package.
  4 pieces available $ 99.95 each

Other obscene prices, such as $35 2732's, are to be found at:


(I can remember when the local Radio Shack had blister-packs of uL914's
for probably $.79 each. I believe they sold a "stack-it-yourself" binary
counter kit that used two uL914's for each bit. Anyone got a Radio Shack
catalog from 1976 or so to check my memory here?)

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