Coming Soon: Intel Mac-80, Interp-80, PLM-80

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Jul 13 13:15:45 2000

Some of you may have seen my recent post about being able to
restore data from very old 9-track magtape. Although I seem
to have lost some 8080 assembly code I wrote (and some I didn't
write but did laboriously type in), I was successful in getting
the old Intel cross-development software back.

The three programs are the Mac-80 Cross [Macro] Assembler, the
Interp-80 software simulation of the MCS-80 8080 CPU, and the
PLM-80 compiler (a two-pass monster).

Now, the PLM80 compiler Fortran source has been available on the
Digital Research archive and its mirrors for some time now. But
I spent quite a bit of time with these three programs, fixing
bugs and providing some minimal extensions. I am assuming I
migrated the fixes and extensions to the Prime ports of this
code. If so, then what I've got should be preferred over other
copies (I'd ported these to the DEC-10 and the CDC6600 as well).

So, as soon as I have a way to get stuff off the Prime and onto
a PC, I'll upload them to my web storage area, and provide links
so anyone interested can download them.

I hope I didn't waste my time doing this; I searched high and low
on the web for Mac80 and Interp80, to no avail.

-doug quebbeman
Received on Thu Jul 13 2000 - 13:15:45 BST

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