While we're talking about Lisas

From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 14 08:34:24 2000

My Lisa 2 (vanilla one, 1.2A PSU) has developed a habit of turning the
screen off while she's running. In fact it's now permanently off which is
annoying to say the least. Some of you may have experienced this before so
here are the symptoms;

System working fine (at the time running MacWorks 1.0), screen goes dim as
per screensaver then blinks off like I'd hit the power button. It eventually
comes back on after leaving it powered down for a couple of hours. James at
Sigma Seven Systems said he thought he remembered there was a serial port
bug in MW1.0 that caused the screen to go off sometimes so I left it at
I've now got myself a ProFile so I was intending on installing LisaOS 3.1,
but when she was powered up for the first time since maybe mid-may the
screen came on briefly then blinked off again as it did before; since then
it's only come back on once for around 10 minutes.
While all this is going on the machine keeps running normally. If I power up
I hear the self test passing, if I've got the first OS disk in (or MacWorks
boot disk) it will actually boot, if I've got a standard composite monitor
connected I can see things happening so I know the machine itself is

Anyone else seen this? I've got another video card and screen coming over
but it won't be here till the end of august; to say I'm champing at the bit
would be an understatement :)

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