Unresistable pond comment

From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 14 09:42:02 2000

I assume you mean something like a VAX 11/730 rather than the ol' Austin
Morris car of the same name? :) Actually, I would't tarnish a VAX by roping
a politician to one, so how about an AS/400 instead?
<ducks to avoid possible dec/ibm war>

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> > There's just one thing wrong with that idea: it would be extremely
> > cruel to the plants and creatures living in the pond.
> Would you want
> > to be a plant, fish or frog and have a politician plopped into your
> > pond?
> The only time I think this would be a truly good idea is when the
> pond happened to be stocked with Pirahna.

Or... 14 feet deep :-)

To keep this on topic, perhaps we should use an old mini instead of
concrete. Any nominations?

Steve Robertson <steverob_at_hotoffice.com>

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