latest finds at Washington MO hamfest

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Mon Jul 17 06:43:13 2000


Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jay West at the hamfest, where he lrelieved
me of one slighty non-working Apple ][ and disk drive.

After having made $60 selling four 6146 tubes, I got crazy and bought
another Apple, this time a IIc, with monitor and external 5.25 drive for

Guess I'm just rotten to the core . . . .

I noticed it takes a 3.5 disk and not the 5.25 like I've seen on the older
ones. If any of you are semi-experts on these, shoot me an email off-list
with some of the basics, like formatting a floppy. Not having a book, you
can't say RTFM.

Kind regards
Gary Hildebrand
Box 6184
St. Joseph, MO 64506-0184
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