...and here's another - HP9000 question

From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jul 17 03:55:38 2000

> I'd start by looking for mechanical damage (cracked PCB, damaged
> connectors, etc) on the PCB on the back of the CRT. Some HP
> monitors have
> the video signal carried on screened cables ending in RCA phono plugs
> that plug into the circuit boards and bad connections here are common.

OK then - I'll check. I know the monitor hit SOMETHING because the front
case/bezel/whatever had separated from the back. This monitor is an
A1097.......something. Dammit - I only looked yesterday :)

> Normally when a fuse blows there are other faults -- fuses do
> not blow
> for no good reason. So when the fuse blows you're going to need a
> soldering iron anyway to put the other problem right.

This one blew because I fed it 240V instead of 120! Still kicking meself for
that one.

> And soldering the fuse in place stops j-random-public from fitting
> whatever fuse happens to be to hand -- like a 13A one. Thus
> protecting
> the unit from further damage, and prossibly stopping a fire.


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