Unresistable pond comment

From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jul 17 04:23:49 2000

> > I assume you mean something like a VAX 11/730 rather than
> the ol' Austin
> And what's wrong with an 11/730? It's a nice little machine...

I love the 730 - it was my first VAX; I remember us being annoyed that we
couldn't upgrade to VMS V4 because we only had half a meg :)
That was why I mentioned the AS400 instead.....
> Morris car of the same name? :) Actually, I would't
>tarnish a VAX by
> roping
> a politician to one, so how about an AS/400 instead?
> Err, what about using a no-name Pentium PC clone??

Not heavy enough unless you weld a stack of 'em together!
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