Mac Classic analogue board

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Mon Jul 17 20:41:34 2000

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Subject: Mac Classic analogue board

> I mentioned this in another thread so I thought I'd ask the question
> properly; I've got a Classic that will fry the glass fuse (and do the
> and lights bit too) when one is inserted. Is it a common fault? I
> guessed something was wrong when I bought it - there wasn't a fuse in
> plug and it had no case screws, but then I didn't spot that till I got
> home.

Haven't seen this in a Classic myself, however violent fuse blowing of
that nature generally points to a problem in the mains side of the
supply. Frequently the diode bridge, (or one the 4 diodes arranged in a
bridge) that rectify the mains voltage is/are shorted. This is
straightforward to replace and generally there are no other components
affected. It could also mean however that the switching
transistor/scr/whatever is crook, they are a little more expensive, but
provided you can procure the right one ok, no real fuss to change,
however you should bear in mind that when this happens, sometimes there
are other components that get fried. I have seen one switch mode supply
where fuse vaporising was caused by a very dead electrolytic (mains
rectifier filter cap) but that's a little unusual, usually they just get
a bit leaky if anything.


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