...and here's another - HP9000 question

From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Tue Jul 18 03:55:53 2000

> Err, how can 120V at 5A be anything other than 600VA? Or is it 450VA
> continuously rated, 5A peak current or something?

Yep - it's definitely a 450VA transformer because I coulnd't afford the
600VA one! I wanted to get a fairly large one in case the ProFile turned out
to be a non-switcher, which is academic now because I've got a UK one.

> equipment doesn't like that sort of supply. Even
> autoswitching PSUs tend
> to blow up when connected to one of these units.

I know - that's why I'm worried about the Lisa PSU. At first I DID try a US
travel adapter which ran my TRS80s and small NTSC TV quite happily - feed
Lisa from it and the fuse blew so I scattered off to Maplins and got a
*real* transformer with UK plug on one side and US socket on the other. It
had better be OK - it was bloody ukp70 :)

> I've seen the result of connecting a mac+ to this sort of
> unit, and it wasn't pretty!


One question I don't think I've asked yet is does anyone know where I can
get a 1.8A Lisa PSU, which is 120/240 switchable, for less than SunRem's
$129 plus shipping? Anyone got a dead 2/10 or MacXL they don't mind losing
the PSU from?
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