Repair or Replace? [Was: Repairing Timex]

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Date: Tue Jul 18 07:59:12 2000

> However, my original comment still stands. While those tools you've
> listed are certainly very useful, I still claim that you can enjoy
> classic computing without them.

I'd say 90% of my stuff is done with a fluke DMM, home brew logic probe
(TTL/cmos Hi/low/pulse type), good soldering iron, bench power supplies
and basic hand tools. I have scopes, freq counters, signals sources but
often thats not needed. My biggest tool if informations, my library and

> salvage just about anything that might be useful in the future. That's
> why I've got boxes of all sorts of odd spare parts :-).

Ye Olde junk box, mine is 35+ years deep. I thin it from time to time
but old boards and the like are very handy for that one odd IC, transistor
or whatever. Thinning out useless (or less useful) stuff is also an art
that come from expereince. I only have so many CuFT available to store
it and still have emory of whats there and where it is. ;)

> I've met many programmers, including some _very_ good ones who don't have
> any knowledge about hardware, who would be lost if given a schematic
> diagram, and who don't own any electronic test gear. But I've never met a
> serious hardware designer/hacker who can't program in at least 3
> languages, who doesn't have compilers installed on his computer, who
> doesn't have books about programming, and who doesn't know how to
> understand a source listing.

Programming does not require the knowledge of electronics and is generally
removed from the realm of hardware. Hardware requires at least basic
electricity, electronics and possibly some other theory to understand.
With those basic enginering skills mastering others beomes natural. At
one time to program a computer you had to be at least able to design and
troubleshoot it! Granted that was back when but, it's not a lost skill.

> Agreed.... There is a certain joy in repairing something that everyone
> else says can't be repaired, and of using something in a way that
> everyone else says is impossible :-)

;) Amen.

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