Java Exidy Sorcerer Emulator

From: Phil Guerney <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 08:03:48 2000

Stan Sieler wrote:
> Re:
> > Philip M. Scull in the UK send me a link to add to my Exidy
> >
> On my PC (win 98), with Netscape 4.7, the majority of the
> special characters don't work (i.e., they appear blank and
> don't move the cursor when double-quote (")).
> Some work, but differently. (Shift 2 (or was it shift-3?)
> got me a double quote (instead of the "_at_" (or #)). Also,
> backspace doesn't seem to work.

Many micro's of that time had the " as shift-2, but I wish I had a
Sorcerer to confirm it followed the style of the Commodore etc. My
problem was that I could not find a key to give the = sign - it should
be two over to the right of the "0" I think, but that key is dead. Other
keys follow the Atari/CBM etc layout and CTRL-H works for backspace.

However simple BASIC statements (that did not use "=") ran fine. Not a
bad achievement for a Java program that loads in less than a minute.

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