Repair or Replace? [Was: Repairing Timex]

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 09:13:21 2000

> You'll need a REALLY LONG T-15! I found a longish 1/4 inch
> hex-drive Torx bit and a slender 1/4 inch hex extender. If
> you're very lucky/keen, you can get a special Mac
> screwdriver with is T-15 and about two feet long!

I know - I'm hoping my extender is slender enough :)

> If you're absolutely sure it's a dead chip, the safest way
> to replace it is to snip all the legs off, one by one, and
> then unsolder them. Your goal is to save the (unique) PCB
> and replace the (not unique) chip. PCB foil will come
> unstuck if heated for a while, especially on cheaper PCBs,
> such as were used in early 1980s home computers...

....and then replace it with a chip socket followed by working chip?
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