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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Jul 19 20:08:13 2000

On 19 Jul 2000, at 17:09, Mark Tapley wrote:

> Mike,
> >I won a lot at the auction for $15. Under the pile was a 1988 NeXT Cube =
> >(fist year of production after six years of umm, development), matching =
> >NeXT laser printer, and keyboard, and mouse. Trading the rest of the =
> >cart off got me also a 21" radius monster for free that I niavely hoped =
> >I'd be able to use with the Cube.
> Cha-ching! Nice score.
 Turning green with envy. I only have a color W-S

> >I rushed home with my new MegaPixel, fondiling it along the way, and =
> >immediately hooked everyting up. Power! ...Well, it boots. I get to =
> >the NeXT rom monitor ver 1 rel 46 and can exercise the machine from =
> >there. It doesn't have the floptical in it and a 'b sd' boot command =
> >returns a read capacity error on the scsi hard disk. With the rom =
> >monitor I can boot to an ethernet attress or scsi target. Is there =
> >anyway I can get a disk image of ole NeXTStep on a compatible scsi drive =
> >and can I use something like an Apple scsi CD-ROM with it?
> You can use an Apple CD-ROM, my cube works fine with an Apple 300 external.
 Reputedly you can even use an AppleCD 150

> Alternately, hit and
> surf from there; Apple was upgrading for free to NS 3.3 for any existing
> machine. (I'd do this anyway if I were you, just to get a current copy of
> the OS, whether you want to keep the machine original or not.) You'll get a
> CD. It is possible to load from CD, but I think you need either a floppy or
> an optical to start the boot process (but I'm not clear on that). There are
> then patches to put atop that...depends on whether you want original
> NeXTStep or current NeXTStep.
 Apple supplied a couple of floppies with the free upgrade.

> Let me know...
> - Mark
ciao larry
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