Mac floppy

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Thu Jul 20 06:53:37 2000

> Oh dear, that sounds like a drive that's "beyond repair"
> even for Tony Duell :-)


> I have to report that I did buy a Mac external disk drive
> at a car boot sale for three quid. One of the useful
> skills for the car boot enthusiast is the ability to spot a
> rare and valuable artifact at twenty paces, then buy it
> without giving the seller any hints that might cause them
> to jack the price up...

Yep - already got that skill, thankfully. It's how I spotted things like a
fully boxed and packaged Sharp MZ700 under a pile of clothes, my first Mac
Plus buried under a table amongst, you guessed it, clothes.....even my first
museum machine (Enterprise) was spotted from quite a distance as it lay
scattered on a blue sheet with old lawnmowers and tables etc! Had a nice
muddy footprint on it too.

> Anyway, keep searching the car boot sales, PC shop
> junk-boxes and charity shops! You'll find one, eventually!

I was considering using the floppy drive from my bust Classic till I
discovered that it uses a shops up here don't sell
electrical items much since they've got to get them tested for safety. I'll
just have to keep mingling with the great unwashed every weekend :o)

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