NeXT boot floppy (was: Re: It's been awhile...)

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu Jul 20 10:35:06 2000

>> It is possible to load from CD, but I think you need either a floppy or
>> an optical to start the boot process (but I'm not clear on that).
>Is the boot floppy image available anywhere? I can migrate the 2.88Mb drive
>to my desktop, fire up Linux and just dd the info right to it (presuming I
>track down a source of 4Mb media).

OK, I got a bit less lazy so I could answer more accurately:
Turbo systems can boot directly from CD:

Other systems need a boot floppy to kick into the CD. It is possible to
create floppies from images if you have a running NeXT:

I have a running NeXT cube with a floppy drive, and a limited supply of
floppies, so Ethan, if you have trouble with your Linux box, contact me
off-list, and anyone else stuck for a boot floppy, same offer.
                                                - Mark
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