From: Will Jennings <xds_sigma7_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Jul 20 23:49:10 2000

I have an 11/34A, and I'm also trying to help a friend (who is out of state)
put his back together, since its totallly dismantled. Unfortunately, neither
of us has any manuals for it... But more importantly, we're not sure how the
PSU is supposed to be set up.. here's a little cruddy drawing of how it is
on mine:

     i-----i i-----i i------------i i i-----i i-----i
     i P16 i i P15 i i Big conn. i i i P14 i i P13 i
i----i i----i i---i i---i----i i----i i
i i i Big ol' i i i
i H745 i H744 i Transformer, etc. i H7441 i EMPTY i
i -15V i +5V i i +5V i i
i 10A i 25A i i 32A i i
i i i i i i
i i i i i i

The P numbers are the connectors where the power supply meets the wiring
harness, so the diagram is viewed from the top, with the P connectors on the
front. Left is left, and right is right. Anyway, please let me know ASAP!
Also wouldn't mind the printset ;p or the FPP manual...

Will J
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