RSTS/E BASIC Plus tapes to read

From: John Foust <>
Date: Fri Jul 21 10:12:38 2000

In a delightful coincidence today, I picked up a stack of
a half-dozen nine-tracks for $1. Their labels indicate they
belonged to my former boss at a department at the UW-Madison,
and one was even labelled with the name of a series of BASIC
programs I worked on circa 1983, even though the tapes are
dated 1986. It's labelled "DOS format 1600 bpi 9tr formatted
ASCII 256 b/record". It's a Memorex 6250 bpi tape.

I'd love to dump the files to contemporary media. I have
no idea what sort of compensation would be appropriate. For
starters, I'd be glad to give five of the six. Oh, I know,
nine-track tapes are $1 per Dumpster. How about a few dozen
organic farm eggs from Wisconsin chickens? OK, maybe cash.

- John
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