Other useful test equipment (was: RE: Scope use...)

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Date: Fri Jul 21 15:51:36 2000

> One last word on test equipment. Unless you are into vintage
> test equipment collecting (a very respectable hobby in it's own
> right!) I suggest that you try to get the most modern/reliable
> version you can _reasonably_ afford, especially if your point
> in obtaining it is to use it to debug something else. This goes
> for O'scopes as well as Logic Analyzers, meters, etc.

Got to agree here, I sure don't regret replacing the old Tek scope I picked
up used with a new Tek TDS220 scope! I do regret picking up the old Tek
scope though. Well, and maybe how much I spent on the TDS220 :^)

Another thing about new stuff is you're more likely to get the manuals, and
it's likely to be more user friendly. This is especially good if you're
like me and had never bothered to learn how to use a oscope.

> equipment that you can't trust. Also be realistic in your
> selection. If you have a choice between an 1997 Fluke DVM (in
> good condition) and a 2000 "Bonusmart blisterpack special"
> you might be much better off choosing the Fluke from a
> reliability/dependability viewpoint.

Fluke's ROCK! My view is if your going to spend the $$$'s on test equipment
you should also buy good brands.

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