Other useful test equipment (was: RE: Scope use...)

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Date: Fri Jul 21 15:20:17 2000

> Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 17:57:51 -0600
> From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
> Subject: Re: Other useful test equipment (was: RE: Scope use...)
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> Back in '80 or so I needed a very wide LA, wider than what I could afford at
> the time, so I built one with the 384-bit width that was required. It was
> no picnic!

384bits to log? Whew, that would be big PCB with under a hundred
ttl ICs or so and tons of sram ics. What was that needed to do that
logging and what was that project under test hooked up by that
oddball 384bits logger?

> It might be interesting to revisit such a problem. An old '486 PC dedicated
> to that function would almost be worthwhile . . .

What is your propseal logger for this 486 pc idea? I have several.

> Dick
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