Other useful test equipment (was: RE: Scope use...)

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Jul 22 00:36:35 2000

Oddly enough, I've seen several complete analyzers sold in separate lots,
all held by the same dealer, but he wasn't thorough enough to notice that he
had the whole deal.

I bouth a spare pod for my 1240 there, though I haven't needed one. He had
seven pods, just as I had, though I now have a spare. That means I have
then entire set of equipment available for the thing. Frankly, though I'm
moderately adept at using it, by now, I still have a long way to go to
exploit the instrument fully. Unfortunately, he didn't have the pods when
the analyzer was there, and his was a 1241 (color) rather than my mono
version, and sold the analyzer for $150, and the pods for $5 each. When I
showed him the lead sets, he indicated he though that he had them, but
hadn't run across them yet. ... sad ...


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> Upon the date 06:08 PM 7/21/00 -0600, Richard Erlacher said something
> >You're right, Tony, many of them are cheap because they're incomplete. I
> >paid over $1k for mine, but it was complete, right down to the manuals
> >GPIB/RS232/Epson Printer adapters. It also came with ROM packes and
> >self-test jumpers.
> >
> >I've seen plenty of LA's without these, and even a number of
> >pods/lead-bundles without the LA, in each case worth little without the
> >"other-half." I wonder why surplus dealers let this happen? They'd get
> >the money if the equipment were complete.
> It happens many times because the dealer ends up buying a pallet, or
> somesuch lot of gear, that is simply randomly grabbed and tossed into one
> of several piles at the company getting rid of same. Such company simply
> dumping obsolete gear to get it off its books and can care less about what
> goes with what. And with bankruptcys or plant closures, a third-party
> outfit such as an auditing/accounting firm is sometimes contracted to
> out a company and they have little time, technical ability or inclination
> to organize sets of test gear. One part of this 'thing' is on pallet 'A'
> while another important part is on pallet 'B', or even way over on 'X'.
> Been there, seen that

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