Apple Johnathon & Apple Macintosh II: Seperated at birth?

From: Tom <>
Date: Sat Jul 22 09:30:38 2000

>I have read something at applefritter that intrigued me: that Apple was
>thinking about marketing a system known as the "Johnathon" (Successor the
>the Mac, perhaps?). The basic design was very similar to that of an Acorn
>RISC PC: You bought the base "module" (What OS that run? Mac OS?) as it was
>called, & you could buy additional modules that would allow you to run other
>operating systems. Unfortunately, Apple canned this computer because they
>thought that everybody would just buy the MS-DOS module.
>My question is: Was this the original concept for the Mac II, or is this
>something completely diffrent.

No. Johnathan and the Mac II were in fact competing projects.

The book AppleDesign has some beautiful pictures of the system as well as a nice overview:


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