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                        Vintage Computer Festival 4.0
                    September 30 through October 1, 2000
                         San Jose Convention Center
                            San Jose, California

Mark you calendar! The fourth annual Vintage Computer Festival is
scheduled for Saturday, September 30th though Sunday, October 1st at
the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.

The Vintage Computer Festival is a celebration of computers and their
history. The event features speakers, a vintage computer exhibition,
a vintage computer marketplace, and contests like The Nerd Trivia
Challenge. We showcase all different types of computers for all
differents kinds of platforms in all different shapes and sizes.


Register by September 20th and pay only $25 per person! Your
registration includes complete event access, including speakers,
the exhibition and the marketplace. And just like last year, the
first 32 registrants will receive a VCF t-shirt! Act fast to secure
your early registration and a free VCF t-shirt.

We've made it easier than ever for you register online as we are
now accepting credit card payments. Visit the VCF website for
complete details!


The VCF is proud to announce it is being held in conjunction with
California Extreme 2000, the world's premier classic arcade game
extravaganza! Hundreds of classic arcade and pinball games beeping,
buzzing and booming. The VCF and CAEX2000 share the same venue,
making it easy to attend both events. Even better, admission is
reduced when you attend both events (details at the door)!

For complete details on California Extreme 2000 see:


Every year, the VCF assembles an amazing line-up of talks and
workshops. This gives attendees an opportunity to interact with
the people who laid the foundation for computing today, as well
as those who are helping to document and preserve it.

Our speaker roster so far includes:

Bill Godbout Bill was the King of S-100 for well over a decade,
                providing kits, boards and complete systems for
                the hobbyist and businesses worldwide. Godbout and
                CompuPro products were a basic computer hobbyists
                staple throughout the late-70s and 80s.

Christine Finn Christine is an archaeologist. So how did her
                research lead her to vintage computing? Christine
                is studying the Silicon Valley and the effects it
                has had in bringing about a global transformation
                in the way we live. Christine will tell us why
                it happened in the Santa Clara valley of California.

Curt Vendel Curt is the founder of the Atari Historical Society.
                On his website ( he
                documents the amazing ups and downs of one of
                computing's most celebrated and innovative companies.
                Curt will also be bringing along a great interactive
                Atari exhibit.

Jim Willing Jim, our Official VCF Celebrity, is back to wow you
                with more amazing words of wisdom, incantations of
                innuendo and sentences of sarcasm. This year in two
                separate talks he takes on the topics of computer
                collecting and computer preservation: one is not
                exclusive of the other!
Dwight Elvey Dwight has achieved the ultimate in computer
                restoration. He acquired a relatively unknown mini-
                computer from the early 70s, the Nicolet 1080,
                resurrected it, wrote a cross-compiler for it, and
                brought it back to life. This talk is perfect for
                those wishing to take on their own restoration
                projects but don't know where to start.

More speakers to be announced soon! Check the VCF website for the
latest updates:


Vintage Computer Collectors: we want you! Exhibit your favorite
computer in the Vintage Computer Exhibition. Prizes will be
awarded in 12 different categories, as well as a Best of Show
prize which includes $50 cash!

For complete details on the VCF Exhibition, visit:

To see the exhibits from VCF 3.0 go to:


Do you have some vintage computer items you'd like to sell? Whether
you rent a booth or sell on consignment, the Vintage Computer
Marketplace is the premier venue for selling old computers and
related items. If you would like to rent a booth or inquire about
consignment rates, please send e-mail to for more
information or visit:


If you haven't visited the VCF website in a while, come on over and
have a look at the completely new design. You'll find it easier to
navigate and easier to find the information you're looking for.
We've got plenty of good stuff to read and hundreds of new links to
explore vintage computing on the web. We're constantly adding new
content. Stop on by for a visit!


We really hope to see you at VCF 4.0! And remember, tell your

                        Vintage Computer Festival 4.0
                   September 30th through October 1st, 2000
                          San Jose Convention Center
                             San Jose, California

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                       VCF 4.0 is September 30-October 1
               San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California
                    See for details!
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