Un-wirewrapping (and re-wirewrapping) a PDP-16

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Jul 22 16:56:12 2000

The main suggestion I'd put forth is to make certain the wire you're
unwrapping is known, since unwrap tools and wrap tools generally support
only one wire size.

All my wirewrap equipment is from Gardner Denver with the exception of a
Radio-Shack hand-wrap tool. That was too good for them, so they promptly
discontinued it about 10 years ago.


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Subject: Un-wirewrapping (and re-wirewrapping) a PDP-16

> Well, I recentlly brought home my new (to me) PDP-16 and I can't wait to
> start building projects with it. First though, I need to unwire the
> existing configuration. I'm documenting it, with an eye towards some time
> understanding the original purpose of this unit.
> Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers for tools and techniques for
> un-wirewrapping and subsequently wrapping new projects?
> -- Tony
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