OT: Looking for a couple of modern things . . .

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Sun Jul 23 10:49:37 2000

Hi everybody,

Briefly, I'm requesting two things here although they're less than 10 yrs
old. This is a good venue, I think, to initiate private replies to these

1.) I've recent got several ASANTE' networking parts. I'm requesting a
copy of any documents or other info on these. Their website has no docs for
these apparently obsolete products, naturally. They are:

a.) A couple of FriendlyNET adaptor pods: They are small palstic boxes
(~2" x 3") with an RJ-45 receptacle on one end and a 1 meter cable with a
14 pin micro-D connector at the end. Looks like the micro-D (my term for
it) evidently plugs into a port on a laptop or other such small computing

b.) A 10T HUB/8 8-port hub. Yes, there's an 8-port hub on their website as
an existing product but mine is an older unit with a BNC and AUI port
connector in addition to the 8 RJ-45's and an RJ-45 OUT port. No other
identifying marks except for a s/n: 630D0995.

2.) Anybody have a distribution of AutoCAD LT for Windows 95 FS? I'm
looking for a transferable copy (license-wise transferable). This could be
either a new old stock (NOS) copy from a store's back shelves or one that
somebody tried out and didn't want to use and can pass on the whole
license, box, docs, CD, etc. I'm trying to be a little economic and save
some hard-to-find money by getting a used/obsolete version.

Reply off list of course. Thanks for your help.

Regards, Chris
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