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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jul 24 07:47:32 2000

At 06:31 PM 7/23/00 +0100, Tony wrote:
>> Correct. HP never made a bar code wand for the HP 71. However, Zengrange
>> made two different wands for the 71. The first one has the normal type
>> programmer applications. The second one was made for use with the HP 71s
>> that Zengrange sold to the UK's National Health Service (or what-ever their
>The big HP71 cotnract over here was with the DHSS (Department of Health
>and Social Security). Or at least that's what the ROM modules and
>overlays say on them.
>> exact name is). The second type wand only has functions that were used for
>> the NHS's data collection operations. The commercial Zenwand is much rarer.
>Are you sure?
>The reason I'm questioning this is that I have a couple of Zenwands. Both
>were cheap and are almost certainly from the DHSS contract. But they seem
>to have the normal functions in the ROM, including the BASIC program to
>print barcodes on a Thinkjet.
>It's possible that there's a version with cusom software in it, but there
>are certainly some cheap ones with the standard software about over here.

    That's news to me. The ones that I looked at only had a few functions
in them. Someone should round up some of each and find out for sure. I
have the manual for the commmercail version so I can supply a list of
functions for it.

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