Vintage prices dropping on eBay?

From: Bob Withers <>
Date: Tue Jul 25 08:28:07 2000

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>> Related note: Anybody on the list know anything
>> on DEC's first product, the Lab Module series?
>> I'm interested in the operating principles of
>> the things.
>You need the book _Computer Engineering: A DEC View of Hardware Systems
>Design_, by C. Gordon Bell, J. Craig Mudge, and John E. McNamara. Out
>of print, but usually not too hard to find.
>It's available online at
>But this is definitely a good book to have in one's library in dead-tree

When I was in Boston a couple of years ago I bought a copy of this book at
the BCS Computer Museum gift shop. I don't know for sure if it's new but
it certainly looks it. If someone is in the area it might be worth
checking out.


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