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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jul 25 11:14:01 2000

> I got a reply from one Max Burbank who said only this - "While the
> Museum has closed, We have incorporated some of it's exhibits and it's
> mission into our own. For all the details, Follow this link; " and he gave
> link to the Computer Section of the Boston MOS, which ultimately came up
> with nowt to say what had happened. Here's the link:

Down at the bottom of the page pointed to by the link above,
there was a link to a page about how the MoS and TCM have joined
forces, as you can see in this quote:

: The History Center, originally a part of The Computer Museum
: in Boston and now located in Mountain View, California, is
: currently an applicant to become a separate non-profit
: institution. The Center plans to build a permanent Silicon
: Valley facility to house the Museum's artifact collection and
: serve as an international center for research into the
: history of computing. Last year, NASA Ames guaranteed the
: Center a long-term lease on two acres of land at Moffett
: Field, adjacent to the location of the future home of the
: California Air and Space Center.

The home page for The Computer Museum History Center is:

Hoping that ends the confusion, if not the frustration,
-doug quebbeman
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