PE/Concurrent stuff on the East Coast.

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Tue Jul 25 15:07:44 2000

Thought someone on the East Coast might be interested in this

From: Harold Herstein <>
Subject: Interdata / Perkin-Elmer / Concurrent

I'm writing because I have access to a slew of
Pekin-Elmer / Concurrent stuff that will be trashed if I can't find them a
home QUICK. I don't have time to inventory any of the stuff so I can't tell
you exactly what's there. I know that there are 1-2 virtually complete sets
of OS/32 reference manuals in binders (most likely circa version 6.3 and
7.2) plus assorted other manuals. There may be hardware reference /
maintenance manuals as well. It is a good amount of material, perhaps 4
feet tall (maybe more).

I also have a Concurrent 32/30 and a 32/05 that are in 19" cabinets. They
worked once upon a time, and I believe most of the boards that are there
work, but I tend to doubt that they are functioning as a system the way it
is (there may have also been boards removed or swapped with defective onece
to keep some other systems working). There are no disks - since these
crapped out long ago.
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