OSI model 600 find

From: Mike <dogas_at_leading.net>
Date: Wed Jul 26 06:46:48 2000

From: Doug Coward <dcoward_at_pressstart.com>
Subject: OSI model 600 find

> It's been a while since I have picked-up any _digital_
>computers, but I just could not resist this. I found
>someone selling a Ohio Scientific Model 600 on eBay,
>and when I went to check was it sold for, I discovered
>that no one wanted to bid the $20 minimum bid.
>So I asked for a picture of the computer to make sure it
>wasn't just a baggie full of spare parts.

Nice find on the 600 (the Superboard II or naked C1P.) Cool Aardvark card
too! Maybe its a 3'd party 630 clone, the backright lookes like a whipped
up A15.

- Mike: dogas_at_leading.net
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