Back to the A1097C monitor again

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Jul 25 18:37:13 2000

On Jul 25, 17:08, Adrian Graham wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Assuming I eventually get this monitor working properly with the missing
> blue signal whilst looking for bumf about it I found this document that
> basically says I can turn it into a PC-compatible 1280x1024 70-75hz
> for ~$10.
> Anyone heard of this one? It seems so straightforward I'll do it.....

I've not seen that particular document before, but IIRC that monitor is
actually a Sony GDM1960 (or near equivalent), and those were made in
various OEM versions for HP, Sun, Dec and possibly SGI, differing mainly in
the fitting of the sync sockets. I've seen at least one other account of a
successful addition of two caps, two resistors, two sockets, and links to
make it work. There's a way to add just one socket for composite sync,

> The question that leaps mindwards is if it's a fixed freq monitor what
> happens to the PC at boot time - do I still see a v.small DOS boot screen

Nope :-( And it might not be a good idea to run it at the wrong sync rate
for too long.

> or
> do I get nowt until my GeForce has been fully initialised at 1280x1024?

Yup :-)

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