PDP 8/e power wires

From: Clint Wolff <vaxman_at_uswest.net>
Date: Tue Jul 25 19:44:00 2000


The White wire goes to the silver terminal on the plug.
The Black wire goes to the gold terminal on the plug.
The Green wire goes to the green terminal on the plug.

If your plug doesn't have silver, gold and green, buy a new

Also, make very sure about the expected voltage. I had purchased
a 220V twist lock plug, and completly installed it before thinking
to check if the rack was 110V or 220V. Fortunately, I discovered it
was a 110V 30A plug I needed before plugging it in (and killing
three harddrives, controller, and an STC 9-track tape drive).


On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> My PDP 8/e has its power cable cut off. The wires are color coded White,
> Black, Green. This is for a Dec H724 power supply.
> Does anyone have any schematics or doc that would tell me how to connect
> those 3 wires to a power plug? Its about time I powered this thing up
> to see if the capacitors are working. I dont have an electronics
> test bench, so i'll just have to pull the boards out and turn it on,
> and hope for the best.
> -Lawrence LeMay
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