PDP 8/e power wires

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Date: Tue Jul 25 21:31:37 2000

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> >
> > > White is "hot", black is "neutral" and green is ground. Most of
the screw
> > > on plugs have a legend on them or on the package. Remember they
> > > designed for people who have no training to install.
> >
> > I always thought that the "usual" color code for electrical wiring
> > BLACK is HOT, WHITE is NEUTRAL, and green is ground. Am I
remembering it
> That's how I've always wired US stuff. It's also how all such
> _including_ DEC machines seems to have been wired at the factory, and
> the service manuals/prints show it.
> > wrong? or is the PDP 8/e backwards from everything else?
> No, DEC used the standard colour codes here.

Which standard is it just as a matter of interest? Sounds a bit silly
to me
Aust standards (current) are Active - Brown Neutral - Blue Ground -
Green with Yellow Tracer
The old spec (pre 1975? - somewhen around there) was Active - Red
Neutral - Black Ground - Green,
which I always considered sensible.


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