VT420, only toasted

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Wed Jul 26 09:14:38 2000

> Some of the units have a velcro attached glare screen, most have a short
> dongle with a weird RJ11 socket. There were also a few VT320 displays, but
> I haven't looked that closely at them (same burnin look though). This
> Thursday will likely be my last chance at them, as a big load is coming in
> that day, and I will be in Silly Con Valley (yes really) next week (8/1 to
> 8/3).

The "dongle" is most likely one of many RS_232-to-twisted_pair adapters
that many sites use for connecting terminals to a comm system. I have a
few that use RJ-45s instead of RJ-11s; one end plugs into a serial port
on the comm system, then you run this preassembled phone-line-like cable
from there to an identical unit plugged into the back of the terminal.

Drives my Wyse-50 very nicely on the Prime's ICS3 subsystem; at least,
it did when the Prime's PSU was working. :-(

-doug q
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