Announcing... Rent a wreck

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jul 26 10:30:45 2000

--- Mike <> wrote:
> Cool. I had a few encouraging replys. Here's the first list of available
> stuff...
> 14. OSI CIII

*There*'s one I'd consider renting. The shipping would be a killer. I had
a family friend when I was a kid that had one of these at home. ISTR it was
around $8-$10K, loaded. I did some BASIC and assembler on the 6502 side.

> 21. Kim-1, Kim-4, TVT, etc...

Cool... I happen to have a TVT that I've never powered on. I built it as
a kid and never got the 6502 SBC to hook it up to.

> 44. Cosmac ELF-II
> 45. Cosmac SuperElf

I'd love to play with these, too. I have just about every other 1802 box
of the era, including the Radio Shack video game (supposedly upgradable to
a full computer) and a VIP terminal.

What are your terms? Would you consider "payment in kind" in the form of
an equipment exchange? Also... consider writing up a formal contract that
spells out rights and responsibilities, especially for loss or damage. I'm
not so much concerned that the people on this list will try and rip you off,
but if an insurance claim ever needs to be filed due to fire, theft, etc.,
the renter's insurance company will be more likely to honor the claim if
there's a paper trail establishing liability (take it from someone who has
had to seek coverage of stolen classic computers - two PETs and an Amiga).


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