OSI model 600 find

From: Bill Sudbrink <bills_at_adrenaline.com>
Date: Wed Jul 26 13:03:59 2000

> I'm in no hurry. Thanks for the offer, but you just finished
> supplying me with all that documentation on the C4P.

You never updated me on that, how's it going?

> > > The small daughter board contains three 2716s labeled
> > > "REV 94 I", "REV 94 II", and "REV 94 III".
> >
> > I think that's an Aardvark board too... no idea what's on the
> > EPROMs though...
> Looking closer, there are sockets on the mother board for 8 pairs
> of 2114s. There is one pair of 2114s in the first pair of sockets
> and one pair of 2114s in the last pair of sockets. It looks like
> the select lines for the 6 pairs of sockets inbetween are wired
> to these 2716s. So it has the feel of some kind if firmware
> application.

Hmmm... not Aardvark then. Those pairs of 2114s increase in address
from the edge of the board to the center. So he's mapping those EPROMs
into addresses 0x0400 to 0x17FF. Since it seems he didn't want to mess
with the BASIC in ROM on the main board, it might be that the 2716s
have some sort of BASIC program in them.
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