Creating Schematics for Old Computer Circuitry: CAD Freeware

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Jul 26 13:51:40 2000


I seriously doubt I'd end up want to CAD an entire PSU,
but habing to struggle making an ASCII art schematic
this morning got me thinking about CAD freeware again.

I work for an architectural firm, and have AutoCAD installed
on my workstation, but I don't have a symbol library of
electronic parts, so I haven't bothered trying to use it
for electronics.

I do have PADS*PCB, which is available as either a
commercial product or as crippleware (something like
60 components). I was just starting to get pretty gppd
with it when I had to shelve the project I was working
on for work that had regular paychecks.

Does anyone know of/use a freeware CAD program for producing
moderately-complex schematics? Something a bit less than
what you'd need to create the typical modern PC motherboard
(although VLSI seems to have taken some of the complexity
load off the motherboards)?

I really don't even need PCB component layout or autorouting,
just a nice schematic program.

-doug quebbeman
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