PDP 8/e power wires

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 26 18:33:30 2000

> The power supply in a PDP8/e will run with no load (this is from
> experience). To test if off-load you can pull the 2 plugs that go to the
> backplanes, and the smaller 3-pin plug for the feed to the line time
> clock (if it's used at all). Power up. And then check the voltage between
> the backplane connector pin that went to the black wire (ground) and the
> one that went to the red wire (+5V). If this is not +5V, then you need to
> sort out the PSU. My printset is here...
> -tony

Well, I attached a new 110V 15Amp power plug, so I plan to turn the
PDP 8/e on sometime thursday for about 2 hours or so (assuming the
power supply works) in order to warm up the capacitors.

My plan was to have ALL the boards pulled from the backplane, leaving just
the front panel plugged in. Unless someone gives me a good reason not
to do this. Should I plug in the M8320 Buss Loads board?

I'm assuming that if this beast powers up, that I can probably deposit
the switch register into the memory address register, even without the
core memory or any of the "CPU" cards installed. The extended addr switch
doesnt appear to be working, and at least 2 of the paddles are broken,
but i'm still hoping for the best at this point. Hmm, on second thought,
arent all the registers contained on M8310, so I wont be able to do
anything until I power up with a basic set of boards installed?

Assuming it powers up, do you think 2 hours is long enough for the initial
"burn in"?

-Lawrence LeMay
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