zenith minisport hd problems

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Date: Thu Jul 27 15:23:56 2000

I read some archived messages about this computer and seems to be the power board in the computer itself was/is dodgy so that's most likely the problem and i've not enough experience to diagnose and fix the problem. 8-( looks like this computer will go with the other nonworking machines like my kyotronic85 and ps2 model 90xp.

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This is the behavior of a machine with a dead battery.
Some machines insist on sending the charger through the
battery first and don't like operating with no battery
or a dead one. Sometimes you can figure out how to get
them to go directly off the charger.
Not a definitive answer, but my $0.02.

John A.

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went on a thrift store run today and thought i was going to get skunked, but
at the last store i found a zenith minisport laptop with power supply for
$5. its dirty and yellowed and didnt get the floppy drive either. seems to
be a turbo xt with cga graphics. anyway, when i power it on, it stays on
momentarily then goes off. no post beep and lcd doesnt light either. any
ideas? i downloaded some archived minisport archives but havent looked at it

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