PDP 8/e memory boards

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Thu Jul 27 17:14:23 2000

I'm trying to get my 8/E working. I've installed a basic set of boards:

M8300 (with jumpers to the previous board)
M837 memory extension
M849 RFI shield


M8320 bus loads

Well, first off, the extended address load switch seems to be broken, so
I cant access extended memory (maybe I should yank the M837 board for
now). I tried a few core memory sets, but I dont think they are working
properly, or possibly they arent configured properly. The memory sense/inhibit
boards have jumpers for selecting the memory field, I'm guessing you have
to start at field 0 and increment in continuous fields? What about 8K
boards, do you have an 8K at field 0, and an 8k at field 2, and the boards
would be covering fields 0 - 3? Is EMA 0 the high or low bit on the field
selector jumpers (on the memory sense/inhibit boards)?

Whats kinda confusing me is that I have a pair of 8K core memory sets
that came from one computer a LONG time ago, yet they are configured
for fields 1 and 2, whereas I think they should be 0 and 2.

I also have a 16K core set, does anyone have any information on that
board? The highgate docs appear to be for a hex wide 16k board.

I think the majority of lights on this computer are burned out, leaving about
8 bulbs working. Is there any way to verify that using front panel controls
and no memory?

-Lawrence LeMay
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