Back to the A1097C monitor again

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 18:18:41 2000

My experience with adapting DEC monitors has shown that, unlike their SUN,
Appollo, or even HP, comparables, they tend to insist on features not
documented clearly, and not obvious to the casual onlooker, even with 'scope
in hand, such as ongoing inverted horizontal sync (like the NTSC-standard
"serrations" ) during vertical sync. Most PC video adapters could but don't
produce this signalling option. Odd front and back porch timings are
another hazard in using DEC monitors for non-DEC applications.

I gave away three monitors from DEC equipment I was forced to bring in house
for DEC-related work, which were no longer needed. This didn't bother me
since I was paid for them, but it still irritates me that these otherwise
nice monitors were useless in a now-preferable environment.

I still have two of the once-popular Vectrix "PEPE" video adapters, dating
back to the days when fixed-frequency mmonitors were the only ones capable
of serving up the high-density formats now commonly used.
These were WELL over $1k when on the market. Though they were designed,
together with a specific set of drivers, for use with a particular PHILIPS
monitor actually designed for DEC, due to the fact that there were
differences between similar models of DEC monitors that were subtle, but
significant enough that two apparently identical (from the outside)
monitors, intended for the same application, and working fine in that
application, didn't both work on the same PC adapter. That's VERY
frustrating. I don't have any DEC equipment any more, and, God be thanked,
I'll not have to deal with such oddities again.


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> > >You'll find that MANY of the 19" monitors are optimized for odd
> > >This is particularly true of DEC monitors. In fact, DEC seemingly made
> > >certain their monitors would be totally useless for anything other than
> > >their intended application by choosing some odd geometries e.g.
> Sun's like 1152x864 so it is probably about the same sync rate.
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