Slightly OT: OS/2 2.1 for sale/trade/free

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Date: Thu Jul 27 20:04:57 2000

> Hi All,
> Whilst searching my office for another VGA controller I ran across
> an un-opened (NIB!) OS/2 Professional Developers Kit (beta version)
> CD.
> The sticker reads: includes NEW 3/93 OS/2 2.1 Beta
> If I recall correctly, this CD has everything you need to setup and
> start developing an OS/2 machine. Since it's so old, you probably will
> require a fairly generic 386 or 486 machine.

Wow, that brings back some memories, somewhere I think I've got a copy of
that same CD and one other. As I recall it was more stable than OS/2 2.0
which had a couple of serious bugs. Ah, the days when their seemed to be a
viable stable and non-UNIX OS on the PC :^)

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