Apple Johnathon & Apple Macintosh II: Seperated at birth?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 12:08:49 2000

> > As for the PPC Version of OS/2, I've got to wonder what happened to all
> > those systems they built to run it. They had to have lost big bucks on
> > that.

> Probably less of a loss than you might think - I would not be suprised if
> the systems were stripped down to parts and turned into RS/6000s. Or on
> the other hand, the PowerPC people may have taken the design from the
> RS/6000 people from the start. Or perhaps the PowerPCs were really
> RS/6000s under the covers.

Does anybody own a PPC version of OS/2 ?
it may be a great thing to play with.


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