Prime 2455 & Dead PSU Pictures

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 14:21:18 2000

> > You guys really should upgrade from Mosaic to Internet
> > Exploder 5, it handles those spaces pretty doggone well.

Ya know, I should have realized, given that this group is dedicated to
the care and feeding of old stuff, that sticking to the minimal subset
of HTML would be de rigeur...

> While I use IE5 and think it's the best broswer out there, it's not the
> be-all and end-all of browsers, and cannot be relied upon to be the final
> answer in whether something "works" or not since MS is of course notorious
> for breaking the standards so meticulously set by the industry.

Wait a minute, didn't you hear that Microsoft owns the Internet? I'm sure
that's what my TV set told me the other day...

> I generally check major revisions of my web site out with IE, NS and Lynx.
> I don't expect you to do all this with just some pictures you posted of
> course.

The local organization that runs the cameras monitoring the Interstates
is putting the images up in a Netscape-only mode, and it's got my cloth
in a bind. I do actually use Lynx (well, MLynx) when I'm logged in to my
ISP in shell mode... but not very often!


p.s. Revised content is streaming up as fast as 33.6 can do...
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