VAX?PDP cab kit bonanza

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 20:26:34 2000

I was at a store today wading through a relatively large box of cab kits to
find one for a VCB-03 and the owner made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I
bought the whole box. However, not too suprisingly most of them are for
DHV-11's (4 RS-232 ports and a ribbon cable). So I've got quite a few and
willing to offer them for cost+ shipping. As follows:

        $6 gets two DHQ11 cab kits (8 ports total, two groups of 4) postage
        paid anywhere in the continental US. (Priority mail)

        $15 gets two cab kits *AND* a DHV-11 (8 port Q-bus board, quad wide) anywhere
        in the US.

        $15 get you two cab kits *AND* a UNIBUS DHU-11 (hex wide) (limited qty,
I've got 3)

If you want to add 8 serial ports to your Q-bus based vax or pdp this is a
good deal.

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