Macintosh 1984 Commercial

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 20:36:06 2000

This link appears to be the best answer.
Thanks for all the responses.

I'm in the process of returning to my roots.
It's been a whole month since I looked at an MS API.


John Allain wrote:
> >Anyone know where I can find a (probably QuickTime) file
> >containing the entire 60-second version of the "Big Brother"
> There's a website called 'AdCritic' that keeps top 10 videos
> of commercials and I think had this one. (P.S. Had)
> They had the 'Clinton's final days' video that I hadn't seen.
> It was a ROFL for me especially because of the segment where
> he gets into Web hacking.
> This, however (special page for this video):
> refers you here:
> John A.
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