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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 21:19:16 2000

If you got the associated software, it's a decent enough cross-development
system. I used one a couple of times in connection with MOT 6809 and
6802/08 development tasks. I found it reasonable and reliable enough,
though the features were definitely of military weight, as you've observed.


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> Well, I did save a few things here... and one thing that I've never
> actually heard mentioned here!
> Went to the local puniversity's surplus sale -- open from 1130 hrs until
> 1300 hrs... :-/ and I got:
> Older Wyse terminal w/keyboard. (I just wanted the keyboard for my NIB
> terminal - but they told me I had to take the whole thing... ;-) $5.00
> I also got an HP 64000. I worked on these a little bit in college, and
> was the main reason for getting this one - nostalgia. Dunno much about it
> (I didn't work on them that much) but it's heavy, big, and has the
> EPROM burner & eraser. (The biggest thing it says it burns is a 2716...)
> has a 300W power supply, built-in monitor & that's about it for now. Looks
> in decent shape, but dunno if it runs. $5.00
> Also, some good news, & some bad news:
> I picked up a rackmount Interdata system, with at least 1 (maybe 2) 9
> tape drive(s), a *big* rackmount HP hard drive (unknown size) and dunno
> much else. The good news? It's not in the skip. The bad news? I bought the
> machine for work as we need another rack for our business, so the
> stuff is to be pulled out and "disposed of." Now, don't fret too much, as
> if there's anything I do want, I'll keep and take home. Everything else
> (which will be most of it) the list has first dibs on, and I can store it
> for at least a month in the basement if necessary. If no-one claims it by
> few months from now, then "the bad thing" might happen, as I really can't
> keep it forever. :-( What I don't keep can be had solely for cost of
> shipping, but some stuff might get quite heavy, so be warned. $10.00
> Anywho, I'll have a more complete inventory Monday for y'all.
> See ya,
> "Merch"
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