Scanning microfiche

From: Rich Lafferty <>
Date: Sat Jul 29 13:10:43 2000

On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 05:52:11PM -0000, Eric Smith ( wrote:
> Clint Wolff wrote:
> > I am looking into the same problem, and the only solution I have
> > found that seems reasonable is a microfiche scanner. You can get
> > a used Minolta MS-1000 (not Y2K compliant) with a proprietary
> > PC interface card for ~$2000 (US$). A new MS-2000 with a SCSI
> > interface has a retail price of ~$6000.
> I found MS 2000 info here:
> The more expensive Canon that I mentioned in a previous post will do 600 DPI
> and it can handle B-size (11x17 inch effective) documents, useful for
> maintenance prints, but otherwise it seems similar.
> I might suggest that several of us get together to buy a Canon, but that
> probably is only sensible for some of us in the same geographic area.
> Anyone else in Silly Valley interested?

Before you do that, it'd be worthwhile to drop a line to University
archivists and librarians in your area -- often, universities already
have this sort of equipment, and in my experience (at Canadian public
universities, mind you), they're usually open to letting one use that
sort of thing if it's for private purposes and it's not going to take
away from the work that's *supposed* to be done on it (ie, expect to
have to wait until it's sitting idle, or possibly get interrupted
occasionally when library work needs to be done).


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